fashion overpass

Watch the case study.

In Brazil, 70% of car-pedestrian
accidents happen less than 300 meters away
from a footbridge, and each year
thousands of people die.


We used the coincidence of the names to take the world of fashion to the streets,
and with a touch of glamour, we showed people that being practical and safe is also fashionable.


We invited the big names of the fashion world to parade exclusive models on an even more exclusive
catwalk runway: a pedestrian footbridge in the middle of the city. The fashion show drew a lot of attention,
and we proved to people, that using the footbridge should never be unfashionable.


  • More than 40 million people impacted on social networks.
  • $ 4 million of earned media,
  • 30 times bigger than the investment.
  • 100% positive feedback.
  • Increased people’s awareness
    about crossing the streets at a safe place.

Concept, Art Direction, screenplay and photography