fans point of view

an entire commercial made

by the fans for the fans.

Claro, one of Brazil’s largest
mobile service providers,
was looking to launch a new
product aimed at young people.


To engage with this demographic we called upon Christian Figueiredo, one of Brazil’s most influential
public figures amongst young people, with over 13 million followers on social media networks;
and used Facebook – the social media site with the highest usage amongst the target age-group.


First, we invited his fans to be part of the film alongside Christian. Then, we provided cell phones
with which they could all capture the film from their own perspectives. In this manner, we were able
to create two separate films – one produced by the brand, and another produced directly by fans.

facebook canvas

We then brought together all the content on the first ever Facebook Canvas
created specifically for a telecommunications company.

facebook live

We also created the first broadcast on Facebook Live by a brand in Brazil,
connecting fans with their idol in a unique experience.

Other brand contents

We even produced a range of other content featuring Christian and other influential figures.


  • 471 million impacts
  • 49 million people reached
  • 2% increased purchase intention
  • 291 thousand positive comments
  • 36 million unique views
  • 27% increased share of voice
  • 11% increased ad recall


Concept, Art Direction, screenplay and photography