fiat dots

3 advertising in 1.
Fiat made the car.
Customers made the ad.


To show that the new Fiat Strada Adventure is a versatile vehicle, strong enough
to take you anywhere you want to go, even off-road.


Every car takes you from one point to another, but the Strada Adventure can
take you anywhere. To demonstrate that, we sent to Fiat’s mailing a case containing
three different color pens and three sheets with a blank connect-the-dots paper game.
Each group of dots of the same color would form a different background for the car.


We presented the car in an engaging and effective way based on the car’s main benefit:
the ability to take you anywhere. 43% of who received the “connect-the-dots” direct mail
went to a Fiat dealer to get to know more about the new Strada Adventure
and near 20% of them went for a test-drive.

Concept, Art Direction, illustration, screenplay and photography