Case study


We turned laughs into medicine
to help children with cancer.


  • More than 2,5k laughs sold on the first day.
  • Thousands of shares on social networks.
  • Orders from all over the country.
  • The success was so great that we had to put
    the laughs available for purchase online as well.


GRAACC is a non-profit organization, which provides everything needed for children and teenagers to fight cancer. It is funded by donations, which has become more difficult over time.


Everybody knows that laughter is the best medicine and that being in a good mood helps with any treatment. That is why we recorded the laughs of the children with cancer of GRAACC, and sold it as medicine at many branches of Fleury, one of the biggest health centres of Brazil. Each bottle contained a fun leaflet and a code for downloading the children’s laughs. All the money from sales went straight to the children’s treatment.

Concept, Art Direction, screenplay and photography and UX